The Spirit

Character Name: No name; referred to IC as simply "she" or "it", known OOC as "The Spirit".
Race/Type: Archdemon?
Age/Apparent Age: 2/?? (it has been approximately two years since "The Spirit" was formed from the box).
Status: Living (sorta).

The Spirit demands sacrifices. No, not blood, though that works. And not gold, though that works too. In fact, anything works. Put something in the hole- a rock, a blade of grass, a body part- and it will disappear. In its place, something will happen- a noise, a gout of flame, a flash of light will fly out of the box.
The village lives around the box. They worship the box. Children play with the box, speaking to it and putting objects in it to watch the dancing lights. Shaman watch the correlation of what has been put into the box and what comes out to provide omens and wisdom to the rest of the village.
And The Spirit resides in The Box, and it changes objects into light, or fire, or noise, or shuddering, as it has been doing for the past thousand years or more. Maybe since the beginning of time. It doesn't remember. In fact, it doesn't remember much at all.
Then one day, a precocious child wanted to see what was in the box. She took it off its pedestal one night, and smashed it against the ground. The seals broke, and the girl disappeared and was never seen again. The village, without its guiding Spirit, dwindled into nothing.

The Spirit is overall a fickle, capricious being, much of her personality stemming from the child who was a part of her creation. However, she is certainly not human in outlook, and does not identify herself as such. Indeed, she went through a bit of a hateful, human-slaughtering streak, though that has since been tempered by Maurice's influence. Despite this, she remains the passionate, darkly whimsical, and in many ways almost animalistic creature she has always been.

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