The Rise Of Phaedra

While Dacian was beginning his plot to release his new Master, the attention of the Divine Couple and Their servants was elsewhere. With Azguloth imprisoned, His servants withdrew from the mortal realm entirely – and those who stubbornly remained were hunted down. It was therefore the perfect opportunity to rebuild, and Humanity flourished under the guidance of the angels who chose to stay and help. Ysora the Teacher and Marisiel the Protector were the foremost of these, and in an effort to help the rebuilding process they decided to teach the humans how to use magic.

Previously the purview of supernatural creatures and dragons only, the addition of magic enabled the humans to increase the process of rebuilding tenfold. More than one human proved an apt study, and soon enough were conducting their own research into new branches of magical theory. There were certain areas of study that the angels forbid, however, including necromancy and demonology. Experiments on souls and spirits were also explicitly forbidden. Enthusiastic to build a kingdom of their own and enjoy the new era of peace, the humans agreed – for now.

After a few years, the mortal realm was judged stable enough for the humans to rule themselves. The angels selected several candidates among the most promising of their students, and then allowed the humans to choose their own ruler. A young woman by the name of Titania was chosen by an almost unanimous vote. One of her first actions was to nominate another candidate, a man known as Istomilo, to serve as her seneschal. After a grand party to celebrate her coronation, the angels departed and allowed humanity to stand totally alone. Sadly, the great peace that all had hoped for was not to last.

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