The Fall Of Phaedra

Ten years on the mortal realm passed before the angels returned to Phaedra. Ysora and Marisiel were sent there to investigate whispered rumors that humanity had already begun to stray from the path laid out for them. They returned to find magic running rampant, humans binding spirits into their own bodies to make a fashion statement as much as out of practicality.

Traveling to the royal palace the two archangels found that the rot was present at the very core. Titania and Istomilo had a daughter, Pyria, who was intended to become the new ruler after Titania’s death. The girl’s very soul had been merged with elemental spirits, in an attempt to create an immortal ruler. This act flew in the face of everything that they had taught Titania, and the formerly mild queen greeted them with only rancor. Titania refused to change her ways, and so the angels departed to return to the Heavens and deliver a disturbing message – there could be only war.

And indeed there was war, ten long years of it between Phaedra and the Heavens. But the angelic armies were limitless, and for all their arcane power the Phaedrans were still human. Finally, the final assault was waged, but even here Titania proved her will rivaled that of Miriam. With her dying breath, she pulled the entire city of Phaedra into a pocket within the spirit realm - a timeless place of darkness and emptiness.

Some escaped from the city before it was completely pulled into the void – most of the angels, some of the humans – and a few fiends whom the Phadrans had foolishly summoned to help them fight their war. Rather than hunt down the survivors, Miriam decreed that the remaining Phaedrans be allowed to escape … along with the fiends as well. In time, the fiends would summon more, and with their own forces broken humanity would be doomed. Humanity’s golden age would be replaced by an age of darkness, horror, and pain - the Hells extended out onto the mortal realm.

Unable to accept this, Marisiel the Protector begged to be allowed to stay. Alone, she would not be able to stop the coming dark age, but she would be able to keep some small light alive for humanity. Although She had turned Her back on humanity, Miriam was not yet willing to condone it’s utter destruction either, and so She permitted Marisiel to stay. A small handful of other angels likewise chose to remain behind, and together this small band did their best to protect humanity where and when they could. Meanwhile, the rest of the world fell into a darkness that would drag on for thousands of years. The Age of Fiends had begun.

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