The Creation Of Ironheart

Once the Divine Couple decided to imprison Azguloth, there was no going back. Nonetheless, extreme caution had to be exercised - if any of his servants learned the location of his prison, there would be no end to attempted rescues. A remote mountain range was chosen, and atop a mountain of solid granite an immense fortress was constructed. This fortress was made entirely of a special metal, a matte black iron that even the Divine Couple had difficulty in crafting. Its purpose was to block even the gods’ Divine senses, so that Azguloth would never be able to see outside of his prison, nor communicate.

Not quite satisfied, the gods tunneled deep into the heart of the mountain itself before creating the actual prison chamber, leaving the only entrance part of a confusing maze of tunnels snaking down beneath the fortress. Then, they created a portal to a new plane of existence, a tiny realm that Azguloth had no power within and could never escape from once inside. The doorway to this portal would in turn be held shut by a Great Seal, a final barrier that any intruder who made it this far would find nigh-insurmountable to open.

Broken and chained but not beaten, Azguloth resisted the twins’ attempts to cast him through the portal. He grappled with Dacian at the portal’s edge, threatening to pull him and Athelion along into the prison. Though warned by Miriam that there would be a high cost to pay, Elandra was compelled by sisterly love to save Dacian. Joining in the struggle, Elandra managed to pry Azguloth away and cast Him through the portal, but not before He maimed her one hand, biting off her pinky and ring fingers. Laughing maniacally, Azguloth disappeared through the portal, and the twins hastily activated the Great Seal.

But Azguloth was not quite finished yet. A master of corruption, Azguloth managed to discretely implant the tiniest portion of Himself into Dacian through his still-injured arm, and the tiniest portion into Eladran through her just-maimed hand. So perfectly hidden were these fragments, that neither of the Divine Couple sensed the presence of their arch-enemy within the bodies of their avatars. Or, if They did, They realized that there was nothing They could do and never mentioned it. And within the two avatars, these tiny pieces of Azguloth bided their time.

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