The Beginning Of Everything

In the beginning, there was nothing save for three gods: Miriam, Athelion, and Azguloth.
Together the three of them built a world to fill the void.
Together they formed the earth below and the sky above.
They populated the land with life - all sorts of beasts, though these creatures yet lacked the eternal spark known as a soul.
Perhaps it was this that caused the sudden divide, or perhaps it was the fact that Miriam came to favor Athelion over Azguloth.

Whatever the true reason, in the end Azguloth turned against the other two.
He vowed to tear down all that had been built by the three of them.
For a brief time, there was a war in the Heavens between the three gods, but ultimately Azguloth was driven out.
Miriam became known as the Valkyrie for Her protection of the newly created world, and Athelion as the Lightbringer.
Together the two of them became known as the Divine Couple, joint rulers of the world.

Azguloth became known as the Destroyer, The Forger of Oblivion, and a hundred different titles.
He was the outcast, and enemy of all living things.

While Athelion continued to manage the world's affairs, Miriam focused on combating Azguloth's attempts to corrupt it.
Again and again they clashed over the surface of the world they had once worked together to create.
Where Azguloth's blood touched the ground, foul creatures emerged - the first demons and devils, collectively known as the fiends.
Where Miriam's blood touched came the first angels.
And where their blood mingled together, came a new creation with the potential for both Good and Evil - Humanity.

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