The Apocalypse

After so many years of skirmishes and inconclusive battles, both sides wanted a definitive end to the war.

And so gathering the entirety of their armies, Azguloth and the Divine Couple clashed in one cataclysmic battle. Every creature in existence was represented, and all of them fought with fanatical zeal. In the middle of the roiling battle, the divinely-empowered twins clashed with Azguloth’s avatar and Herald. While the combined form of Athelion and Dacian kept the Herald at bay, the Miriam-possessed Elandra fought Azguloth. The battle was horrific, but no part of it more so than the duel of the gods, Miriam and Azguloth tearing at each other savagely while all around them Their creations died.

Seeing his master beginning to weaken, the Herald of Azguloth managed to shove Dacian aside and made a desperate lunge for Miriam’s now-unprotected back. As the abomination’s scythe came down, it was stopped in mid-strike, blocked by Dacian’s arm. The blow bite deeply into the avatar’s flesh, nearly severing the limb, but the sacrifice stopped the blow and more importantly left the Herald open. Before the beast could tear his weapon free, Dacian struck, cleaving through the Herald’s chest and decapitating him in two rapid swings. With the Herald dead, it was indeed now two-on-one, but in the twins favor.

Azguloth was thrown down, beaten but not yet dead. Rather than try to save their master, what was left of His army fled in shame and terror. This left Good victorious, but with a difficult choice to make. Like all Their creations, although the body could die the essence – the soul – was almost indestructible. And although both Azguloth and his Herald were notorious for consuming the souls of their victims, complete annihilation of any soul let alone their former brother was abhorrent to the Divine Couple. But simply killing His avatar would merely postpone the end – Azguloth would return to the Hells, and in time He would come forth inside of a new avatar and the cycle would start anew.

There was, however, a third option other than releasing Azguloth from his broken avatar or destroying Him utterly. Aware of the risks but nonetheless convinced that it was the only acceptable option, the Divine Couple chose to imprison Azguloth instead. But what sort of prison could hold a god? The answer was Ironheart.

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