Character Name: Tare
Race/Type: Human/Unknown
Age/Apparent Age: 23/23
Status: Dead

Crimes: Basic pickpocketing and breaking and entering; open disrespect for the baron and incititing more than one riot and then vanishing seconds before the Baron's men arrived; and most seriously, attempting a very broad-scale heist against two of the Baron's lesser nobles. If everything had gone according to plan, both noble houses would've lost nearly half of their total material wealth in one night. It didn't go according to plan.

Alignment: Neutral Good. Tare believes firmly in the Law of Right and Wrong, but has utter disrespect for mortal authority. He is not aware of/familiar with the cosmic struggle for power that is going on at the higher levels of the game at the moment, and so he has not allied himself with any of the clashing forces— except that he violently opposes the Demons because of what they have done to someone he cares about.

Motivation: Tare is driven by strong senses of Family and Responsibility. Having grown up in the Barony of Gast's closest equivalent to an orphanage, Tare is very sensitive about the idea of family. Being that he has never found any to which he is related by blood (until recently…) Tare is wont to claim those he comes to know and care about as surrogate family, whom he will then defend to the death.

He is also guided by an internal sense of "Just… Right" and "Just… Wrong" that he likely could not explain or provide reasoning for even if he were challenged. Where this internal conviction comes from is anyone's guess— he certainly did not learn it from his caretakers as a young child (not that he remembers much of his time before having fled the orphanage), and the rough-and-tumble world of backstabbers and hand-biters that he chose for himself did nothing to reinforce his moral compass— and yet, it leads him firmly North at every turn.

Appearance: Since gearing up with Limier just prior to the finale of Flight from Ironheart, Tare has been wearing all-purpose, Assassin-grade cloaks, well-suited for concealing daggers and avoiding notice. His multiple encounters since then (first with Inquisitor Silverton, then later with Vylethar and gang) have left said cloaks battered almost as badly as Tare himself is. Most notable among said battle damage is the two crossbow bolts protruding from Tare's chest. These, though not intended to be a fashion statement, communicate Tare's social status with remarkable accuracy— specifically, that he is Dead and therefore that such things are all but irrelevant.

Abilities: Prior to his Death, Tare was an accomplished street thief with a reputation for clean, fast heists against well-defended targets and an almost supernatural ability to avoid detection.

Thief Skills: No thief on the streets of the Capitol would be taken seriously without the basic array of skills; Pickpocketing, Sneaking, Skulking, Shadowing, Climbing, Dodging, Lying, Misdirection, Lock Picking, Trap Spotting, and above all Quick Thinking are all stamps of Tare's nearly-Decade long experience as a thief in one of the harshest anti-crime districts in the world.

Untrained Magic: Perhaps more instrumental to the thief's success than dumb luck (which has gone his way more than once) is his unexplained and completely untrained ability with Mortal Magics. Tare had long hidden his Magic from his fellow thieves, passing off his simple cantrips as merely transcendent sleight-of-hand. As a thief, he had learned such utility-oriented Magical tricks as Greasing, Sticking, Spider-climbing, Ventriloquism, Heating, Returning, Minor Telekinesis, and most prolifically, Invisibility.

Since his stay in Ironheart, Tare has been called upon to develop his Magic very rapidly in order to stay alive. While his old tricks were usually low-power and focused on out-of-combat solutions to patient problems, post-Ironheart Tare has landed himself in much more pressing, much more immediate jams than need much more power and much more instant reactions. Tare developed Haste, Silence, Group Invisibility, and finally Lightning Javelin while Escaping from Ironheart. This last effort wildly over-drew on Tare's available magical reserves, but instead of "spraining a magical muscle" as it were, Tare instead broke through a mysterious limiter on his magical reserves that he had not known was there.

After the removal of that limiter, Tare went on to develop Lightning Hand, Flash Step, Earth Shape, and in his final moments of life, Arc Lightning, Lightning Needles, Lightning Clones, and (the capstone on his magical development) Ubiquity.

Supernatural Abilities: After (and even While) Escaping from Ironheart, Tare began to notice a number of thing that could not be explained by Mortal Magics (even the sometimes unpredictable nature that his magic tends to have). Most prominently, Tare discovered Soulsearch; this ability allows him to glance briefly into the past of those he has come into contact with. This has been confirmed to work on Humans and Elves, but has not been experimented with any further as yet. Tare has used this to certain effect on the Baron Demetrius Gast himself, as well as one of the Baron's Hands, a mysterious figure that appeared at Ulrich's Chapel, and on Teareal, Crown Prince of the Elves.

Tare has also become able to see the connections between the mortal world and the Hells. (It is unknown yet if this power extends also to seeing connections to the realms of Heaven.) He has used this power to: open a portal out of the Hells, allowing himself and his rag-tag band to escape the Hells alive; locate his Fallen Angel companion by subconsciously tracking her connection to the Hells; and finally, to phase-portal said companion out of an inescapable metal prison-coffin by taking a detour "around" the walls of the coffin through the Hells.

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