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Nearly a month has passed since the disastrous Battle of Narle. Although the villainous Demetrius Gast met his end during the battle, this has merely caused the kingdom of Narle to fall further into chaos. The land between what once was the capital and the fallen prison of Ironheart has been reduced to scorched wasteland. Warbands of elven invaders roam freely throughout the kingdom, and the city of Amaranth has been under continual siege since the Battle. A triumvirate of nobles who survived is struggling to organize a resistance, but many of the newly-arisen nobles are frightened and wish only to protect their own lands.

The Church of Light is struggling to remain intact after its own losses and a sharp increase in the amount of heresy and fiend worship. Despite the Church’s best efforts, the rumor that Miriam the Valkyrie Herself came down from the Heavens to destroy mankind has persisted and spread. As a result many have lost faith in Miriam and Athelion’s ability to protect them, and so have chosen to throw themselves upon the fiends’ non-existent mercy. In some parts of the kingdom other, stranger beings have also started being worshipped by the desperate.

Elves and Fiends are not the only source of danger, however. Unknown to any but a horrified few, spirits and elementals strain against the boundary between their world and the mortal plane. Once, they could travel between both worlds freely, and they have been promised the opportunity to do so again. Titania, queen of Phaedra, has sworn it provided they help her reclaim humanity’s throne after millennia in exile.

The heroes who have stood firm against the darkness until now are all dead or indisposed. But what meaning does Death have when the conflict threatens to spill over into the
Hereafter? Even the Afterlife is now not without misery and strife. Since the battle Miriam has secluded Herself once again. But unlike previous bouts of isolation, there are precious few angels now to manage the Heavens’ affairs - nor do any new angels seem to be forthcoming. Within their dark halls in the Hells, the recently freed Fiend Lords plot their revenge, amassing their forces to once again burst out upon the beleaguered world.

The world stands on the brink of the final apocalypse, and a plan that has existed since the dawn of time is about to at last reach its conclusion.


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