Pyrene The Temptress

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Character Name: Pyrene the Temptress, a.k.a. Pyria, a.k.a. Jacqueline
Race/Type: 3/4 Human, 1/4 Elf (Human mother, Half-elf father)
Age/Apparent Age: ?/24
Status: Living

Appearance: Unmagicked, Pyrene looks much like a human in her early to mid 20s. Her hair is the deep red of fresh blood and her skin is pale, almost white. These are her mother's legacy, while her father's features are visible in her large, emerald green, almond-shaped eyes and gently pointed ears.

Crimes: Theft and murder.

Time in Ironheart: Approximately 3 months

Motivation:For the entirety of Escape from Ironheart and the majority of Flight from Ironheart Pyrene was obsessed with reaching her sister, Ariella, and ensuring her safety at all costs. Now she wants nothing more than to try to build a normal life with Wulfric.

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