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Ironheart's loyal players are the key component that makes the game more than just the disjointed ramblings of a semi-sane mastermind, but also the thrills-and-spills wonderland of torment and horror that we've all come to know and love. Ironheart's less-than-loyal players, by contrast, tend to have their characters "vanished" in any of a wide variety of gruesome and grisly ends.

(Special Note for would-be contributors: Please use the following format when editing or creating the entries requested below.

Screen Name: The screen name used by the player on the Giant In The Playground boards.

Generation: Which recruitment wave brought this player to their current status of Inspectre's chewtoy. WhiteKnight777 would be 1st generation, being among the game's original players, while Kasanip would be 4th generation, having been added by the third recruitment wave.

Associated Characters: Please link to the character's individual page.

Personal Bio: Optional. Please be courteous and let each individual choose to write or not write for themselves.)

The DM: Inspectre

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