Screen Name: OverWilliam

Generation: 2nd

Associated Characters: Tare, Hero of the Oppressed

Personal Bio: Perhaps the least reliable player still active with the Ironheart Trilogy (any less reliable and his character would've been killed off by now), OverWilliam has been enjoying the madness and coming up with third options since early April of 2008. He enjoys candle-lit dinners, long walks on the beach, and stalling his posts until the absolute latest second possible (once having promised Inspectre a post before Sunday, he proceeded to click "Submit Post" at exactly 11:58 PM that Saturday). Together with The_Snark, OverWilliam has, since very early on, established himself as one of Inspectre's favorite chew-toys. And yet, as a testament to the special brand of Masochism that all participants in Ironheart must have— player and DM alike— OverWilliam has loved every second of the roller-coaster-from-Hell that Ironheart has turned out to be.

Recently, OverWilliam underwent a medical crisis that precluded him from posting for a short time. He is immensely grateful for the patience and understanding shown to him by the Ironheart cast, and now bears a renewed determination to stay current with the game instead of letting his posting rate fall as far behind as it has in the recent past.

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