Meet The Cast!

Ironheart has an absurdly diverse Rogue's Gallery, both in and out of character. Keeping everyone straight out of character is a manageable enough task, but with Ironheart's cast of dozens of Player Characters and Hundreds of Non-Player Characters, anyone (who isn't Inspectre) could be forgiven for missing the details on a few of the offered personalities. Enter the wiki! These pages endeavor to catalog the entire cast of the Ironheart Trilogy for players' (and readers') benefit.

Player Registry: A quick run-down of the players currently involved in the ongoing creation and expansion of Ironheart.

PC Registry: Got a question about where a given Player Character has been, what they've done, or where they came from? This page contains Bios for the Player-controlled characters of Ironheart, living, dead, and beyond-dead (as such they may be).

NPC Registry: By far the largest of the three registries, this list provides valuable background information on the colossal supporting cast of the Ironheart Saga.

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