Mal Harath

Character Name: Mal Harath
Race/Type: Human
Age/Apparent Age: 24/24
Status: Living

Name: Mal Harath
Age: 24
Race: Human

Martial Skills: Mal has been trained for many years in mixed combat art of Terra Style, a predominantly hand-to-hand martial art. His body strength, whilst not on the level of some larger weapon users, is still above the average man. He makes up for this in combat with his use of momentum, to use his whole body's speed to close the gap and add force to his attacks. Mal has also received training in wielding a staff as a weapon.

Along with that strength, his athletic skills allow him to perform acts such as jumping over a 5 foot wall with ease, even with weights attached. His balance and endurance are also beyond the norm, being integral to his stances.

Terra Style:
A dying art of Dwarven origin, as purist magic develops to greater heights and increasingly deadly weapons are crafted. Terra Style combines relatively minor earth magic to help train and add options to the user's hand-to-hand skills.

Range of Effect: This is the range of Mal's earth magic, relying on the density of molecules that his body is contact with. If he were suspended in mid-air or attempts to affect earth suspended in air, but with no actual connection to the ground he stood on, he has no effective powers of earth magic. If submerged in water or quicksand, his radius is around 1 foot from his body. Once on solid ground, his effective range can still vary, with the types of ground from sand to plain dirt to solid stone having an increasingly wider range up to 20 feet.

Loosen/Tighten Earth: Within his effective range, Mal can affect the density of the earth, softening rocks or hardening sand with his earth magic. This doesn't affect the earth's mass, only affecting the bonds that keep it together. The stronger the bonds, the harder to break down, and the looser the bonds, the more effort to build them. Sand to stone and the reverse is an exhaustive process, if on a large enough scale.

Earthen Armour: By submerging a limb, or potentially his body, into a form of earth, Mal can use it as a form of armour. Using his magic to keep the earth passively as dense as leather, he can harden the armour at times to block attacks or just to add solid mass to his punches.

Tremorsense: A skill rather than a power, Mal can tell where any moving being/object is within 30 feet of him, if they are in some way in contact with the same surface, as well as his direct surroundings within 10 feet. Whilst he has a good mental picture of his surroundings, living beings and such are much blurrier. Only effective on surfaces as solid as wood or denser.

Other Skills: Mal also has a basic grasp of the Dwarven Language, having been taught by his master during his training, along with knowledge of some of their customs.
Taught to look for any opening in a guard as made Mal very analytical of his surroundings and body language, only aided further by his sensing skills.

Weaknesses: Foremost is Mal's reliance on a source of earth to use his power properly, without such, he's limited to his own physical skills. However on the other end of the scale, as his tremorsense is constant, he can feel severely overloaded if in a busy area, as he's forced to see every detail at once. He's also a sucker for helping fight a bully.

Alignment: Wanderer

Motivation: Beyond searching for his next job or meal, Mal is little beyond a wanderer, much like his master before him. Though his own skills haven't been mastered yet, he hopes to one day take his own student to pass on his skills. Until then, he keeps his ear to the ground for information about any other teachers of Terra Style, or about mysterious drownings.

Appearance: A man of deceptively, subtle build, often gaining a chuckle from a larger opponent before a fight, Mal wears little beyond loose clothing at a preference. He also has a habit of walking bare foot regardless of where he is. His hair is as thin as he can shave or cut at the time, for convenience sake, though it’s a premature steel grey when grown. He also wears a thin rock ring around his right forefinger always.

Personality: Mal never stays in one place long enough to make roots. Information, food and work in that order are his only priorities. That said, if someone is aggressive to someone weaker, he has no qualms in levelling the field for a complete stranger. A little hard-headed, but friendly to those who need or want friends.

Background: A hyper-active child, Mal's parents found him one day pulling at the beard of a wandering dwarf in curiosity. After explaining that it was no issue, the traveller asked his parents if he teach him something to calm his hyper-activity. From that day, the dwarf stayed and slowly formed Mal into his student, shaping the boy's mind and body into a disciplined fighter. In the last year of his training, Terra Style was truly unveiled to him, with the magic drilled into Mal's mind just the same as any exercise, and incorporated into his fighting methods.

However, one morning as he awoke to the calls of murder. His master was found dead, mysteriously drowned in his living room. There were obvious signs of a physical fight, with rock rupturing through the house to defend the body, and thin streaks of blood that were not the dwarf's, on his knuckles. Mal left after his master was buried, partially to complete his training, slightly to leave behind his sadness and mostly to stop the people responsible.

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