Ironheart History

Over the eons since the world's creation, a number of momentous events have occured that would shape everything that was to follow.
Many of these events have been obscured by the mists of time, and today all that is known about them is what has been pieced together from various sources.
It is therefore possible that what is recorded for each of these events is only one side of the story, and that other important events may have occured in the time between.

The Beginning of Everything

The Birth of the Avatars

The Apocalypse

The Creation of Ironheart

Dacian's Betrayal

The Rise of Phaedra

The Fall of Phaedra

The Age of Fiends

The Lords of Blood

The Church of Light

The Crusades

The Ironheart Bastille

The Hierarch's Mistake (Escape from Ironheart)

The Battle of Narle (Flight from Ironheart)

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