Glossary Of Terms

As with any group of people engaged in a group project for any length of time, the Players of Ironheart have developed their own jargon with which to communicate about the game and the goings on therein. These terms might be confusing to those uninitiated to their meanings, but none are terribly complicated or hard to understand once explained.

DM (Person) = Dungeon Master. In this game, this term refers specifically to Inspectre, the mastermind of Ironheart and the writer for all Non-Player Characters and environments in Ironheart.

DM (Thing) = The shorthand for "A post made by the DM (meaning Inspectre)." In the DM posts, Inspectre acts for all Non-Player Characters, describes the results of Player actions, sets the scene, and moves forward the game's plot.

DMnation = A pun off of the word "damnation," DMnation refers to an entire batch of component DMs posted by Inspectre all at once.

Meanwhile (Thing) = While the focus of the story usually follows one (or rather all) of the active Player Characters, from time to time cinematic asides are given detailing the actions of one or more of the various Non-Player Characters that are presumed to be acting in the background outside of the Player Character's direct awareness. These are referred to collectively as "Meanwhiles", in reference to the standard "Meanwhile…" heading provided by Inspectre to indicate the nature of the scene to follow.

NPC = Non-Player Character. This refers to any of the myriad of supporting characters introduced and played by Inspectre to flesh out scenes and provide challenges to the Players.

PC = Player Character. These are the special characters controlled exclusively by a Player. The game world is almost always viewed from the perspective of one of the active PCs, whereas NPCs almost never hold the focus of a given scene (see Meanwhiles for exceptions).

Player = Though Ironheart has progressed lightyears beyond its initial premise, it is still classified as a Game and therefore has Players. The Players are the 12-16 people challenged by Inspectre to take control of a single character and play through the obstacle-course-from-hell that Ironheart was always really meant to be.

THE SNARK MUST SUFFER!!! = The real tagline of the entire Ironheart Trilogy.

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