Flight From Ironheart


In the Barony of Gast, the winds of change blow as winter gives way to spring. In the mountainous south of the Barony stands the ancient fortress of Ironheart, so-named for its construction out of solid iron. For the past forty years the current Baron of Gast has used Ironheart as an inescapable prison, cramming criminals and dissidents of all sorts from across the kingdom and even further abroad into the dark depths beneath. For the past forty years Ironheart has been a name associated with torment, death, and hopelessness. But on a day much like any other within Ironheart, all of that changed.

A terrible secret had been hidden deep within the mountain beneath Ironheart. Eons ago, the goddess Miriam had imprisoned the dark god Azguloth within the mountain. Ironheart had originally been constructed to ensure that the seal binding His prison was never tampered with. Unfortunately, the goddess’s plan failed when one of Ironheart’s guardians was corrupted. Now known as the Hierarch, this guardian sought tirelessly for a way to release the dark god upon the world once more.

After millennia of preparation and searching, the Hierarch was finally ready to enact his plan. And on that fateful day, the ritual to release Azguloth was conducted. The beginning of the ritual wrecked incredible havoc on the prison above, allowing a number of Ironheart’s prisoners to escape. A handful of those prisoners learned of the Hierarch’s intentions during the course of their escape, and together they destroyed the Hierarch. Exactly as the Baron of Gast had intended when he converted Ironheart into a prison.

Now the Hierarch is dead, but the seal over Azguloth’s prison has been greatly weakened in the process. The desperate elements of the Hierarch’s organization are already rushing to fill the power gap left in his wake. A number of prisoners both good and evil have escaped or otherwise been freed from Ironheart, fleeing into the surrounding countryside. And the Baron of Gast continues to enact his own mysterious plan.

In short, the status quo has been shattered, and the tangled strands of fate are about to drag the Barony of Gast, the Kingdom of Narle, and indeed the entire world and beyond into chaos.

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