Astrid Chance

Character Name: Astrid Chance
Race/Type: Human/Undead plague bearer
Age/Apparent Age: ~80/32(dead)
Status: Alive(?)


As far as anyone can see she is a woman dressed in a plague bearer’s garb; her face and head are completely shelled in a bird like visage crafted from bone and her body is covered from head to toe in thick cloth and leather, not an inch of skin is exposed. Only very few know why she is dressed like this though and even fewer are still alive today. If you were to ask them they would tell you that what is under that cloth and bone is no longer human, it is yellowing flesh filled with pus and black sorcery. Those who can will tell of the black miasma that seeps through her eyes and mouth and any of the popped blisters that litter her skin. If they were to look closer though they would see, hidden behind the monstrous appearance, the eyes of a kind woman who is desperately lonely and fighting to fix her curse.

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