Ander Windrivver

Character Name: Ander Windrivver, Lord General of the Crusade, Grandmaster of the Order of Dawn's Hope
Race/Type: Divinely-enhanced human
Age/Apparent Age: mid 70s/late 50s
Status: Living

Crime: Heresy against the Church of Light

Escape from Ironheart: To escape from Ironheart and expose the corruption at the highest levels of the Church of Light
Flight from Ironheart: To cleanse the corruption at the highest levels of the Church of Light and put an end to the Baron of Gast.
Return to Ironheart: To ensure that the weakened Church will be able to rebuild itself instead of fragmenting in an even larger Schism and to hunt down the escaped Fiend Lords who are now loose in Hell.

Associates Ander has walked the land for many years and therefore has many minor allies in regions all over the kingdom, as well as a few old friends from the Crusade who disbelieve the charges of heresy against him, but none that are in a position to help. His imprisonment in the labs has kept him from meeting other prisoners in Ironheart. After his escape from the labs, Ander encountered the fallen angel Melcara. Once an archangel, she was the first of many to fall into Azguloth's service. He had hoped to help her redeem herself and regain her rightful place in Heaven, but was denied by Miriam. Out of his sense of duty, Ander slew Melcara and sent her back to Hell.

Appearance: Ander appears as a human male in his late fifties. Despite his apparent age, he is well-muscled and shows no evidence of frailty. His silver hair is cropped into a shortish crew cut and moustache. His eyes shine like blue steel (and with intensity twice as hard). The scars that cover his body, the leathery feel of his skin, and the calculated sureness with which he moves gives Ander away as a skilled warrior who has spent many years in the field. His entire body is covered in black runes, installed courtesy of Adamus Crane after Ander's capture during the assault on the Reliquary.

Just for Fun…

Escape from Ironheart: Pull Me Under by Dream Theater
Flight from Ironheart: Father of Death by The Protomen
Return to Ironheart: Way Down in the Hole by Tom Waits

Crowning Moments Of…

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